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Specialty glitter & shimmery mica blends for waxers & Estheticians by an expert waxer & educator, The Mermaid Esty! Check out our waxer swag items & content creation kits to keep the fun & inspiration flowing in your work space.

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Product Description

  • The glitter blends are available in 7 different signature blends in three different sizes, 1 ounce, 2 ounce & 8 ounce bags.

  • This glitter can be safely used in any body wax brand as well as jelly masks, nail lacquer, gel, & acrylics. 

  • Glitter blends are made from precision-cut Holographic Polyester film particles that give each glitter particle a rainbow reflective sparkle and shine. These high quality glitter blends are made in the USA!

How to Use the Glitter

  • You can add as much or little as you like to achieve the desired look.

  • The glitter blends may look different in various types and colors of waxes.

  • Try different blends to see which ones are your favorite!

Customer Support:
Questions or Issues?


Please use chat function on the site or send DM on IG

Glitter Wax Creations

3065 Porter St, #104 

Soquel, CA 95073


Or send a message on Instagram @glitterwaxcreations.

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Returns or Refunds:
  • No returns, refunds, or exchanges unless  you have received a wrong order or a defective item.  

  • Glitter is considered to be contaminated once it leaves our facility and cannot be re-sold.

  • Please email pictures of your item to within 30 days from the date of receipt.


Shipping Policy:
Orders are typically shipped by USPS within 1-3 days after purchase, unless otherwise stated.
  • U.S. & Puerto Rico: $6.00 & up based on weight.

  • Canada & Mexico1-8oz = $13; 9-16oz = $21

  • International: If you don't see your destination available, please use chat option or DM on IG with your order and location to have rates be added to the site.



1. Do you offer samples?

No because the 1 ounce bag is a perfect option to try the different glitter blends. When you decide on your favorite blend(s) you can order the larger size.


2. Is your glitter only for hard wax?

No, the glitter blends can be used in all types and brands of wax, even with sugaring paste, jelly masks, nail lacquers, and body and hair art. Creamier wax may not show as much sparkle and shine.


3. What makes your blends different than adding any craft glitter to my wax?

My glitter blends are formulated to not ruin your wax that you have spent a lot of money on. Using cheap glitter or the wrong kinds of glitter can melt in the wax, bleed the color into the wax, or cut your client. I have done research and testing to create my glitter blends to prevent those issues from occurring. These blends will enhance your wax by giving a gorgeous and fun sparkle that will attract new clients and followers. 


4. What is your glitter made of?

The glitter blends are made from tiny colored polyester metallic pieces perfectly cut to give maximum sparkle, and shine. My glitter blends will give you a rainbow reflective sparkle. Everything from the glitter type & size is what makes it safe for wax & clients.


5. How much glitter should I mix into my wax? 

The amount is up to you. You can add as little or as much as you like to achieve the desired look.However, do not use an amount that would change the consistency of your wax.

6. Does the glitter stay on the skin?

No, the glitter stay suspended in the wax or jelly mask & leaves no glitter left behind.

7. Can it be used on sensitive areas like face or bikini?

Yes. These blends are specifically made to not scratch or harm the client & since the glitter stays suspended in the wax no skin sensitivities or reactions are an issue.


8. My clients don’t see my wax so what’s the purpose?

Many clients love to see the removed stripes & pretty wax beforehand. Creating content for social media using GWC will get you more views, attracting new clients & followers. When you wax for years its fun to have something pretty about your wax for you to enjoy & make you smile. Many customers have given their clients the option to choose their glitter color for their wax making it more fun & customized experience.


9. Descriptions of each GWC glitter blend!

Feel free to experiment with the different blends and wax colors

to see what you like best!

  • Born to Sparkle: Brilliant silver rainbow like holographic blend, gorgeous in any color wax.

  • Dripping in Gold: This gorgeous gold version of Born to Sparkle, looks amazing in any color wax.

  • Boss Babe: Girly rose-gold blend

  • Mermaid at Heart: A fun teal-purple blend

  • Unicorn Vibes: Magical golden pink/purple blend

  • Barbie Dreams: A hot pink silvery blend Barbie herself would be obsessed with.

  • Get Lucky: A golden green blend sure to give extra luck to any waxing service.

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