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Shimmery Mica Powders

NEW! This new line of shimmery Mica Powders that add color & color shifting shimmer to your wax or jelly mask. Available in small bag only. ✨$14.99 each, Launch promo $69 for all 5 blends✨

💚Pixie Dust- Neon green with gold shimmer

💖Malibu Barbie- Hot pink with pink/purple shimmer

💛Queen of the Nile- Bright gold with intense gold shimmer

💜Sea Witch- Bright purple with purple shimmer

💙Blue Moon- Bright blue with gold shimmer 


They work the same as the glitters with no harm to product or client & nothing left on the skin but they change the color of the product. A little bit goes a long way so try a little & add more if desired. Can be used in hard wax, soft wax, sugaring paste & jelly masks. Mix well into product to avoid any powder chunks. 

Shimmery Mica Powders

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